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Did Your Child Go To Easter Tumble Camp Last Week?

Last week I had the pleasure of helping out each day at Easter Tumble Camp at Club Spectrum in Guildford. It was so much FUN and all the children had a really great experience. Was your child there?..

Did Your Child Bring A Friend To Their VIP Gymnastics Class?

Last week I visited Club Sports Park in Guildford to find out what was going on at VIP classes. Read on to find out more...

Celebrating Your Child's Success At Celebrations Class

Thank you for coming to your child's Celebrations class this term. I visited the Celebrations class last week at Club Sports Park and I was so pleased to see so many parents watching their child's class, supporting them and sharing in their success...

Why Do We Have Themed Gymnastics Classes At Your Club?

We are in the midst of seaside themed gymnastics classes at your club at the moment. But have you ever wondered why we have them? Read on to find out more...

Did you come to the Flair Championships?

I hope that you were able to attend The Flair Championships 20th Birthday Special Event on the 1st December at Club Guildford Spectrum.  The arena was filled with brave young superstars as they stepped out of their comfort zones to take part in the competition day at our gymnastics club in Guildford...

Hands Up - If You've Secured Your Child's Place At Summer Camp!

Hooray! It's the school holidays and the sun is shining! That can mean only one thing. IT'S SUMMER TUMBLE CAMP TIME!! So put your hands up if you've already secured your child's place!

Tumble Camp

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO...In the school holidays we run our Tumble Camps in Surrey. It's a great way to keep your child active, learn new things and have lots of fun!

What's the secret behind the success of Tumble Camps?

Due to popular demand Holiday Tumble Camps have gone from a one week event at one club once a year to Tumble Camps during every school holiday at the majority of our gymnastics clubs in Surrey. Today I find out what Flair Founder & CEO Richard Dwyer thinks is the secret to the success of camps...