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What Do Parents Think?

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO...and see Flair families tell us what they really think about our competition days at our gymnastics clubs in Surrey...

INJURED...Should Your Child Do Gymnastics Classes?

We spoke last week about whether gymnastics is bad for your child's health and this week we're going to talk about how gymnastics can be the perfect injury prevention programme. At gymnastics classes your child will learn how to avoid getting injured. Gymnastics is definitely NOT just for girls. Not even close. Gymnastics is just as important a sport for boys as it is for girls plus your son will learn life skills such as teamwork, communication, resilience and confidence at their club...  

3 Top Reasons To Book A One2One Gymnastics Class For Your Child

I popped into Club Sports Park in Guildford at the weekend and when I arrived, there was a One2One gymnastics class taking place. This got me thinking, do our Flair families know about One2One classes and what they offer? So I've put together the top 3 reasons to book a One2One class which explains what they are and why they could be a good option for your child...

Competition Days

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO...we love competition days here at Flair as win or lose, we know they develop vital life skills like confidence and self esteem and make for a fun, learning experience. Competitions are an opportunity for ALL children to shine, grow and learn.

Live Longer AND Eliminate Cellulite By Joining A Trampolining Club

I have been asked recently by several parents at our Flair Gym Clubs to explain the top benefits to health & fitness that the sports of gymnastics and trampolining offer. To which I replied “There are 100’s” ...Well I’m obviously hugely biased since I’ve been involved in gymnastics now for over 36 years BUT, gymnastics (which includes trampolining) is regarded by all sports coaches to be the Foundation of ALL sports and therefore it is THE sport that your child should do at school and after school and on the weekends and for the rest of their life if you want them to be the very best that they can be in everything they do. This will become very obvious to you if you bring your child along to a Flair Gym Club. We have a very long list of parents who sight gymnastics as the main thing that has benefited their child the most out of all the extra curricular activities that they take part in.