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Beau's Story - Part 3

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO... and find out the latest news from freerunning student Beau. This is the third video in the series following Beau on his freerunning adventures at his club in Surrey...

Beau's Story - Part 1

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO... and find out what freerunning student Beau is currently working on and looking forward to this term at his gymnastics club in Surrey...

Join The Circus

I hope you are enjoying the school holidays. I know that a lot of your children have been having an amazingly fun time at our Summer Camp at Guildford Spectrum. I have just been looking at some of the photos and video footage of our very first day of Summer Camp which had a ‘circus’ theme. This involved costumes, themed music and some exciting games and activities using circus skills. Watching the children reminded me of my younger days.