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Have You Met Your New Video Stars Yet?

This term we have decided to try something a bit different with your weekly videos. We know that you enjoy watching all the videos which show what's going on at your children's gymnastics classes and fun things that are happening at your gym clubs. The videos are regularly shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram PLUS you can see all of them at but this term we thought we'd bring you something NEW...

What's The Film 'The Greatest Showman' Got In Common With Your Gym Club? 

Last week I had the pleasure of going to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster 'The Greatest Showman?' I found it thoroughly entertaining and the story had a familiar ring to it...

Entertaining News From Your Awesome Coaching Team

Each and every month the team leaders nominate the coaches whenever they see them displaying The Flair Necessities (our service standards.) When the coaches get nominated they are entered into our monthly prize draw and the winner receives their choice of really cool experience day. So what have the gymnastics coaches chosen as their prizes?..

What's the secret behind the success of Tumble Camps?

Due to popular demand Holiday Tumble Camps have gone from a one week event at one club once a year to Tumble Camps during every school holiday at the majority of our gymnastics clubs in Surrey. Today I find out what Flair Founder & CEO Richard Dwyer thinks is the secret to the success of camps...

Join The Circus

I hope you are enjoying the school holidays. I know that a lot of your children have been having an amazingly fun time at our Summer Camp at Guildford Spectrum. I have just been looking at some of the photos and video footage of our very first day of Summer Camp which had a ‘circus’ theme. This involved costumes, themed music and some exciting games and activities using circus skills. Watching the children reminded me of my younger days.