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Did you spot Richard (Flair CEO) on the palace balcony at the Jubilee?

Did you spot me on the balcony of Buckingham Palace last weekend? I was so pleased to get an invitation to the Platinum Jubilee celebrations...

What's The Film 'The Greatest Showman' Got In Common With Your Gym Club? 

Last week I had the pleasure of going to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster 'The Greatest Showman?' I found it thoroughly entertaining and the story had a familiar ring to it...

Join The Circus

I hope you are enjoying the school holidays. I know that a lot of your children have been having an amazingly fun time at our Summer Camp at Guildford Spectrum. I have just been looking at some of the photos and video footage of our very first day of Summer Camp which had a ‘circus’ theme. This involved costumes, themed music and some exciting games and activities using circus skills. Watching the children reminded me of my younger days.