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Coach Training Day

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO...and find out more about our coach training days. We offer ongoing professional development  giving coaches the support they need so that they can teach your child with confidence...

Behind The Scenes With Your Gymnastics Club Manager

As we come to the end of another busy and super-exciting term at our gymnastics clubs in Surrey, I caught up with our club manager and franchisee Amanda Williams to find out how she juggles being a super-mum of three, club manages and owns and runs her franchise in Farnham at All Hallows School...

Skill Testing

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO... and see Coach Vicki help the students to pass their next award level at their Skill Testing classes at their gymnastics club in Surrey. 

3 Top Reasons To Book A One2One Gymnastics Class For Your Child

I popped into Club Sports Park in Guildford at the weekend and when I arrived, there was a One2One gymnastics class taking place. This got me thinking, do our Flair families know about One2One classes and what they offer? So I've put together the top 3 reasons to book a One2One class which explains what they are and why they could be a good option for your child...