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5 good habits to teach your child

Children inherit more than just genes from their parents. Your manners, habits and overall view of life tend to influence the person your child will become and your child is watching you at all times!! So, what habits is your child learning from you?..

What is the answer to the UK's child obesity epidemic?

We already know that obesity in children is a global public health challenge. At this time of pandemic when they have so much free time to access gadgets, it's easy for everyone to sit for hours on end and stare at a screen and not get enough exercise. So what should we do about it?..

Is gymnastics bad for my child's health?

Enrolling your child in gymnastics classes is a big decision for any parent and it's important to weigh up the pros and cons.
Let's take a closer look at why some parents may think gymnastics is bad for your child...

Does Your Child Want To Do Freerunning Classes?

Ever since we started freerunning classes back in May 2016 they have been extremely popular. Due to the demand we are delighted to announce that from September freerunning classes will be held at both Club Spectrum and Club Sports Park. Read on to find out more...

Celebrating Spectrum's 25th Birthday!

Last Friday I had the pleasure of being invited to Guildford Spectrum Leisure Complex to celebrate their 25th birthday. 43 million guests have been through their doors since they opened in 1993. That's a pretty impressive statistic. Read on to find out more about what took place...

Top 5 Reasons Your Child Should Do Weekly Gymnastics Classes

When children are being encouraged to interact with technology at every turn, are feeling the pressure at school and with the lack of open green spaces for children to play in, we as adults, need to work on restoring an active, healthy environment for our children.

Will you live to 126 years old as you celebrate Organic September?

It's organic September all year round at our house because we just love eating organic food! Not only does it taste a lot better but it means we can relax in the knowledge that it comes from a trusted place. A place free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics and who knows what else...

Live Longer AND Eliminate Cellulite By Joining A Trampolining Club

I have been asked recently by several parents at our Flair Gym Clubs to explain the top benefits to health & fitness that the sports of gymnastics and trampolining offer. To which I replied “There are 100’s” ...Well I’m obviously hugely biased since I’ve been involved in gymnastics now for over 36 years BUT, gymnastics (which includes trampolining) is regarded by all sports coaches to be the Foundation of ALL sports and therefore it is THE sport that your child should do at school and after school and on the weekends and for the rest of their life if you want them to be the very best that they can be in everything they do. This will become very obvious to you if you bring your child along to a Flair Gym Club. We have a very long list of parents who sight gymnastics as the main thing that has benefited their child the most out of all the extra curricular activities that they take part in.