What's Happened To Your Gymnastics Coaches?

Gymnastics can be a dangerous sport and the possibility of injury is very real, so we do everything we can to minimise danger and accidents. But what's happened to your gymnastics coaches?...

Did you come to the Flair Championships gymnastics competition?

I hope that you were able to attend The Flair Championships on the 30th November at Club Guildford Spectrum.  The arena was filled with brave young superstars as they stepped out of their comfort zones to take part in the competition day at our gymnastics club in Guildford...

How do we find such great gymnastics coaches?

I take the hiring of staff very seriously. This includes everyone from the coaching team through to service and sales. Finding the right people who understand and care about our core values and who can deliver what is expected of them each and every time is vital. After all we are looking after your most precious belongings, your children. So, how do we find such great gymnastics coaches?

The Display Squad enter Neon Competition with amazing results!

Last week the Flair Display Squad had the opportunity to enter the Neon Competition at one of our favourite clubs. So how did the display squad do? Read on for the results..

Assistant Coach Elena is a winner at the Sport Guildford Awards

16 year old Assistant Coach Elena Rose has won the 'Young Volunteer of the Year Award' at the Sport Guildford Awards. Read on to find out the latest news...

Flair Gymnastics Founder & CEO Richard Dwyer is coaching the coaches!

If your child is a member at Club Weybridge you may have spotted Richard Dwyer 'Flair Founder' at your club recently. What is he up to? Find out here...

Did your child go to Tumble Camp this summer?

Last week I had the pleasure of helping out at Summer Tumble Camp at Club Spectrum in Guildford. It was so much FUN and all the children had a really great experience. Was your child there?..

Top 3 Things To Do In The School Holidays

I hope you are having lots of fun and enjoying the school holidays. I’m sure you are making the most of this precious family time and are busy filling the days with exciting things to do together. Here's some of the top things to do this summer...

Powerful lessons you can learn from Disney's The Lion King

Is The Lion King one of your family’s favourite films? I’m very much looking forward to seeing the new version of Disney’s The Lion King this summer at the cinema which marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the original movie. Such a great film for all the family and it got me thinking about the lessons that we can all learn from this remarkable story.

Are You A Pushy Parent?

Do you want to win more than your child does? Are you always telling your child how they should be doing certain skills or perhaps you get embarrassed when your child doesn't win a medal? I understand that you are only trying to help your child so that they can reach their full potential but there's a fine line between being encouraging and being pushy. Here's how to get the balance right...