Celebrating our awesome Flair mums this Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! I hope you are well and looking forward to having a lovely day on Sunday 14th March. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for being an awesome mum. Thank you for supporting your child on their gymnastics adventures and giving them the best possible start in life...

It's been a trying start to the year for everyone but we're very excited as we now have your start back dates confirmed at Guildford Spectrum and Surrey Sports Park and we look forward to seeing you back at clubs from 12th April. Yippee!

If you are not yet a member and would like to find out more about our gymnastics clubs in Surrey why not come along for a Gymnastics Trial Class.


I can't thank my mum enough for all the encouragement she gave me as a child taking me to my gym club and even becoming a gym coach to give me the ultimate support that she could. All the running up and down that she did taking me to classes and competitions - things that you take for granted as a child but do eventually grow up to appreciate. I promise you, you will get thanked in the years to come! My mum lives in France and this photo was taken when I surprised her by flying over to see her on Mother's Day!


I feel it is so important that parents take an interest in their children’s clubs and other hobbies. Getting involved in what your child is learning at their club truly encourages them as they feel supported and with that support the more effectively children learn. So it's hats off to our Flair mums as you keep up that awesome encouragement and appreciation of your child’s achievements, whether big or small, as this really does help them to grow their confidence through gymnastics. Don't forget to celebrate failures too. It sounds strange to celebrate a failure, but it's underestimated how much we grow and learn from our failures. I'm sure you remember when your child first learnt to walk and the endless failures of falling-over! The falling over bit is where a toddler gains the most valuable sensory feedback. They learn how to correct themselves and get better at it each time they try. We know our awesome Flair mums avoid putting too much pressure on their children by having overly high expectations and allow them to develop at their own pace with the help of their awesome coaching team. Your coaches know how to gently push each child just the right amount so that they will reach their full potential.


Thank you for always being part of your child's gymnastics journey.  As they hear your heartfelt praise their confidence will truly grow, building them into independent little thinkers who are ready to take on the world! Thank you for finding the time to get your child to their club, giving them a super-fun childhood where they are developing in the best of ways so that they grow up to be bright, fit, healthy, well rounded and sociable individuals. You’re doing a brilliant job! And thank you so much for being awesome mums. We want to celebrate how great all of our Flair mums are. We know that we are nothing without you and we hope that you are all thoroughly spoilt on Mother’s Day.

If you are not yet a member and would like to find out more about our gymnastics clubs in surrey why not bring your child along for a Trial Class.


We'd love to meet you!

Richard Circle

Flair Founder & CEO